Spelt Pancakes with Date Caramel

Spelt Pancakes with Salted Date Caramel Topping


Well hello there on my new food blog, which is probably one of millions out there. Writing the first post must be hard for everyone and I put it off for quite some time now. But since the blog is going online with the start of the Vegan Month of Food I had to be ready at September 1st and here we are. I am one lucky gal that the first topic is breakfast! I mean, every vegan foodie I know started their cooking journey with preparing scrumptious and perfect breakfasts to get them ready to conquer the world. Breakfast is just the best! And who is the queen of breakfasts? Pancakes of course! (Even one of my favourite blogs must think so, because their first post was also pancakes. Yes, I googled their first post for some help…)


Now writing one more of billion pancake recipes (yup, a million food blogs, with a billion pancakes recipes. My writting is on top!) seems pointless. But it’s like when you discovered veganism and couldn’t believe that no one else can see the necessity and gloriousness of it, when it’s already so clear to you. This spelt pancake recipe is seriously great, the pancakes are fluffy and light and the date caramel is adding a rich sweetness that is out of this world. The key is the spelt flour and coconut oil. Of course you can use pretty much any other flour or oil/butter you like, but this is the combo that works best for me. I topped the spelt pancakes with some lightly sour and crisp red currants, to weigh out the ample caramel. Oh and also a little scoop of some homemade chocolate chip nicecream, because that always works. It’s a perfect match and you gotta try it!

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The date caramel can be used in various ways. For example put it on a slice of bread, use it for ice cream, cakes or in your favourite porridge recipe. It’s the perfect natural sweetener and a great option for people who are into raw food. Oh and it is a really nice gift for your vegan and non-vegan friends. My friends kids are loving it! You can store it in your fridge up to one week.


Date Caramel

Serves: multiple servings
Prep time
10 mins
Cook time
5 mins
Total time
15 mins

150g pitted dates (I recommend medjoul dates, or any other juicy kind)
1/2 teaspoon sea salt

hot water

1. Start with the date caramel. Put the dates into hot water and let them soak for about 10 Minutes.

2. Add soaked dates together with the salt to a blender and pulse for a bit. Start adding water (only a little at a time) while pulsing until you’re getting a smooth paste.

Spelt Pancakes

Serves: 2 servings
Prep time
5 mins
Cook time
10 mins
Total time
15 mins

200 g spelt flour
2 tablespoons raw sugar
1 teaspoon baking powder
1 teaspoon soy flour (or any other egg replacer)
240 ml soy milk
1 tablespoon coconut oil
1 pinch of salt, cardamom and vanilla

1. Prepare the dough for the pancakes. Mix together all of the dry ingredients. Then melt the coconut oil in the pan you are going to use to bake the pancakes. Add it as well as the soy milk to the dry ingredients and stir until well combined.

3. Reheate your pan and add more coconut oil if needed. Use about two tablespoons dough for each pancake and let them bake until the top is getting firm (about 2 Minutes) then flip. Bake second side until golden.

4. Use up all of the dough and make sure to add more coconut oil if needed.

6. Stack your pancakes on plates, spoon some date caramel on top and serve with fruits or any other topping desired.


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13 thoughts on “Spelt Pancakes with Salted Date Caramel Topping

  1. I’m impressed. Professionally made website, very good photographs !
    Get’s me interested in vegan food and hope to see more recipes.
    But please make it easier, there is too much text. For a start it was probably appropriate .

    1. Lieber Heiko, vielen Dank für dein Lob. Tatsächlich ist das ja ein Blog und nicht nur ein virtuelles Kochbuch. Daher wird man hier für gewöhnlich nicht nur Rezepte finden, sondern auch einige meiner Gedanken. Wem das zu viel zu lesen ist, kann einfach an das Ende scrollen, wo sich das Rezept befindet. Grüße, Sonja

  2. You are definitely not alone. We registered our blog name over a year ago and only started posting this month. It *is* hard to get started!

    Your photos are gorgeous and these pancakes look incredible!

  3. Hi Sonja..I love your web site and great recipes. .I really want to make this pancakes but I can’t find spelt flour…I am new in Munich/Germany and I will really appreciate if you can tell me in which shops you buy it? And it is some other name in Deutsch? Or Spelt Mehl? Thanks in advance and keep to make delicious food :)

    1. Hi Ana,
      you should be able to find it in any normal shop, I do recommend you to buy it in an organic shop, though. In German it’s “Dinkelmehl”. Also if you click in the top right corner on “deutsch” you can read the recipes in German, maybe that makes it easier for you in the future. Nevertheless feel free to write me any time, I’m happy to help!
      Have fun with the recipe!

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