Green Smoothie

My *new* favourite Green Smoothie

Green Smoothie

Isn’t it ironic that against all odds I didn’t really enjoy all the citrus fruits last winter and just now craved some? We have this lovely little (but also very expensive) fruit and veggie shop around the corner and they had the prettiest blood oranges and I just had to buy them, instead of the seasonal berries. Well lucky me that I did, I wouldn’t want to miss this awesome smoothie experience! And the next winter is just around the corner (duh), and so are fresh blood oranges.

I just recently stumbled across blended chia pudding on instagram and immediately wanted to try it. And it really is delicious and unbelievably creamy. It’s the perfect partner for the otherwise light green smoothie, consisting of fresh spinach, blood orange, frozen bananas and a few hemp seeds. Of course you can always just blend the chia pudding directly into the smoothie as well.

Green Smoothie

Green Smoothie #2

Serves: 2 servings
Prep time
30 mins
Cook time
Total time
30 mins

For the Chia Pudding base:

4 tablespoon chia seeds
250 milliliter plant-based milk
1 medjool date

For the Green Smoothie:

2 frozen bananas
1 handful spinach
1 blood orange, peeled and divided
1 teaspoon hemp seeds
1 medjool date
250 milliliter water 

For decoration:

2 slices blood orange
1 teaspoon chia seeds
1 handful blueberries

1. Begin with preparing the chia pudding. Mix chia seeds with the milk, stir and set aside for 5 minutes, then stir again and let it sit for 10 more minutes.

2. Once it starts to thicken, transfer to the blender, add the date (or dates if you like it really sweet) and blend until smooth. Fill into the bottom of your jar and set aside.

3. Add all the ingredients for the green smoothie (except two thin slices of blood orange if you want to use it for decoration) to your blender and mix well. Add more water if necessary.

4. Press the blood orange slices to the side of the jars. Top the blended chia pudding with the green smoothie and sprinkle with a few more chia seeds.

5. Arrange the blueberries at the top of a wooden skewer and put it in the jars.

Green Smoothie

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