Munich Vegan

Hans im Glück

A chain restaurant serving delicious burgers, three of which are vegan. They offer a lunch menu (with side, drink and coffee) and a dinner menu (with side and cocktail). You can order either a salad, fries or sweet potato fries as side. Burgers are served with wholewheat or sourdough bun or bread-less. Variations are diverse as you can see.

All three burgers are delicious and I especially love the salad. Make sure to order some extra signature sauce (ask for the vegan option), it’s do die for. There are additional sauces on the table, but be careful: only the ketchup and orange mustard sauce is vegan. Usually I’m not one for chain restaurants, but this one is pretty great. Who needs McD. really?

The restaurants are nicely designed, too, with lots of trees and greens indoor. Oh and the cocktails aren’t bad as well. Perfect for a fun night out or a quick lunch.

Price range: moderate
Opening hours: Mon – Sun 11 am – 12 pm (some even have open end)
Address: there are 13 restaurants in Munich, check their website for the address

Munich Vegan

Munich Vegan  Munich Vegan

Munich Vegan

Munich Vegan

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