Munich Guide

A selection of my favourite vegan places to eat, shop or chill in my hometown. Munich offers many amazing vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants and cafés, so this guide is nowhere complete. I'll keep on working on it, so go have a look!



I love to travel - and when I do, I try to find the best vegan spots of course. Here's a little overview of the places I found and liked.


About me

Hi, my name is Sonja and I love to live the vegan lifestyle - all for the animals of course. Welcome to my little blog, where I post healthy and delicious recipes, tell you about vegan places in Munich and recount amazing travel experiences.

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Hey! I'm searching for you! Yes, you! Would you like to contribute to my blog? Maybe you would like to tell me where the best vegan food in your hometown can be found? Or what you experienced on your travels? Or maybe you just have a question or want to talk to me. I love talking to you, so shoot me an e-mail please. And don't be shy!

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